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Unity Hostpital, Surat

Cardiology department

The cardiology department is housed in the new 7 floor cardiac and brain building. The various facilities are:

Cardiac Ambulance 

Unity Hospital has a fully equipped cardiac ambulance for bringing in patients to the hospital. A cardiac ambulance with a doctor on board ensures that critical time to revive and manage patients is not lost while patients are being brought to the hospital. 

Cardiac emergency ward
The cardiac emergency ward is present on the ground floor for ease of access to patients. The cardiac emergency ward is equipped with the latest equipment for quick revival and resuscitation of patients like a defibrillator, invasive cardiac monitoring devices and manned with nurses, staff and a cardiologist available 24×7.
The emergency ward is directly connected by a dedicated lift to the Cath Lab and the ICU which helps in emergency treatment and life saving procedures. 

Cath Lab
The Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Cath Lab) is equipped with the latest Philips Azurion lab which offers a host of advantages for the patient. Advanced imaging facilities, dynamic imaging of the coronary arteries, live imaging of the stent placement, its working and opening of the coronary arteries after placing a stent are a few of the numerous advantages of this advanced Cath Lab. 

Cardiac Operation Theatre
A state of the art operating theatre with the latest equipment to support the most complex cardiac surgeries like cardiac bypass surgery (CABG), valvular replacement, cardiac tumour removal surgeries. Laminar airflow, perfusion facilities, cardiac monitoring equipment, world-class Berchtold lights and anaesthesia facilities are part of the exhaustive list of patient facilities in the cardiac operation theatre. Even the anaesthetists and staff are trained in cardiac surgery. 

Cardiac ICU
There is a dedicated 10 beds ICU for cardiac patients. The staff are trained in post-cardiac procedure care (like cardiac bypass and angioplasty) and with a patient to staff nurse ratio of 1:1; patients and their relatives can rest assured of personalized care. There is a relative waiting lounge where relatives of patients can also rest in a quiet environment while their patients are being taken care of.

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