3rd Floor


A large single room with arrangements for the patient and a relative to stay with the patient. Completely air conditioned with plenty of natural light for a uplifting feel. A TV with multiple channels, personal toilet and bathroom, daily toiletries, feeding table and curtains for privacy complete the room. The patient bed is ergonomic and world-class to allow complete patient care.

3rd Floor

Deluxe rooms

These rooms are slightly smaller than suite rooms but enjoy all the facilities of the suite room.

2nd Floor

Twin Sharing Rooms

A single room divided by a central curtain to allow for privacy and care of each patient. The room is air conditioned with plenty of natural light, individual patient feeding table, facilities for the relatives to rest bedside, common toilet and bathroom and a ceiling fan.

2nd Floor

General wards

There are separate male and female general wards which are air conditioned. Each ward is a large room with 6 beds each well separated with wooden partitions for patient privacy and individual feeding table. There is a common toilet and bathroom with facilities for relatives to rest bedside.

Unity Hospital

General Layout

The floors are divided into male patient section on the right and female patient section on the left. There is a central nursing station where the doctors, nursing staff, helping staff and cleaning staff are stationed. Patient can avail the services of these staff with a bell kept near the patient or the in-room phones or in-person.

Patient Rooms