Whenever a patient needs to be admitted a rough estimate will be provided. Contact details will be taken and patients will be intimated on a daily basis regarding the cost of medical treatment till that date. This helps to reduce grievances and helps the patient to arrange finances.

In elective cases and surgeries financial arrangements for your medical care at our hospital must be made prior to or at the time of admission either through Insurance, Corporate Tie-up or Advance Deposit. In case of emergency admission you may have to deposit a token amount which will be adjusted with the final bill or refunded if an insurance claim is made.

We are a preferred partner for all major health insurance companies and TPA’s. Please make sure Unity hospital is on the list of participating hospitals of your insurance. If we are not, you will have to bear the expenses of the hospital bill. Unity Hospital files insurance claims as a courtesy on your behalf.

In emergency cases treatment will not be delayed and the claim will be filed during office hours.

If preauthorisation is required by your insurance company before admission, please contact the TPA Department on the basement floor before admission. If you have any questions or problems with this process, the TPA Department will be glad to assist you. 

We also assist in reimbursement claims of patients.

For more information, 

Call: Mrs. Megha : 0261-2607012 (10 am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday)

Email: unityhospitaltpa@gmail.com

Advance amount will have to be deposited depending on our estimate of the medical treatment. The full expense of the treatment has to be borne by the patient or his/her sponsor.

In case of a corporate tie-up, please bring with you a signed letter from your company accepting financial responsibility for all medical care. The Hospital will provide care in the ward specified by your company. Any deviations from the instructions will be billed directly to the patient.

The bill can be settled with cash, pay orders, Demand Drafts, Debit/Credit Cards (Visa or MasterCard). The hospital does not accept cheques except for the planned admission where the cheque can be cleared before the admission.