Operation theatres

Unity hospital hosts 4 best in class modular operation theatres equipped with the latest facilities and technology.

Laminar airflow theatres with the best Hepa filters, Berchtold lights, an edgeless design and international sterility protocols help to decrease the infection rates to almost zero. In addition, the latest technology equipment are provided which are enlisted in the respective departments and help in giving the best treatment to the patients.

Facilities available
  1. Karl Storz spine endoscope
  2. Karl Storz endoscopic spine equipment.
  3. Leica Microscope
  4. Neuromonitoring system
  5. Neurosurgery high-speed burr system
Surgeries done
  1. Key hole/minimally invasive spine surgeries(decompression/fixation).
  2. Discectomy- Micro-lumbar discectomy, Tube discectomy, endoscopic discectomy
  3. Fracture spine surgery and treatment
  4. Spine infection and tuberculosis treatment
  5. Spine tumour surgeries
  6. Spine deformity surgery, Listhesis, scoliosis and kyphosis surgery and treatment
  7. Spine fixation for old age degenerative spine problems.
  8. Management of osteoporosis and its surgeries.
Facilities available
  1. Stryker camera and light source and monitor
  2. Stryker shaver system
  3. Latest Arthrex radiofrequency ablation system.
  4. Latest Arthrex instrumentation system with shoulder traction system
Surgeries done


  1. Knee ligament repair and reconstruction (ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL)
  2. Knee meniscus repair 
  3. Knee cartilage repair 
  4. Knee cartilage restoration – Autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI), Mosaciplasty ( Osteochondral autograft transfer).
  5. Loose body removal
  6. Patellar dislocation treatment- MPFL repair and reconstruction
  7. Knee fracture surgeries- ACL, PCL bony avulsion fixation, cartilage injury fixation.
  8. Knee joint preservation- High tibial osteotomy, distal femoral osteotomy
  9. Correction of knee deformities- knock knees, bow knees etc


  1. Treatment for shoulder dislocation – arthroscopic Bankart repair, Arthroscopic fracture fixation, Latarjet surgery
  2. Rotator cuff repair
  3. SLAP repair
  4. Labral repair
  5. Loose body removal
  6. Frozen shoulder release for stiff shoulder


  1. Loose body removal
  2. Cartilage surgeries for repair and restoration
  3. Ligament repair and reconstruction
  4. Fracture fixation


  1. Arthroscopy assisted fracture treatment
  2. Loose body removal
  3. Cartilage surgeries for repair and restoration
  4. Release for stiff wrist


  1. Femoro-acetabular impingement surgeries
  2. Loose body removal
  3. Cartilage repair and restoration


  1. Loose body removal
  2. Cartilage repair and restoration
Facilities available
  1. Laminar airflow operation theatre
  2. Highest grade HEPA filter to ensure no infections
  3. Stryker Berchtold lights
  4. Best Sterility Practices
  5. All imported joint replacement implants available
  6. “Zero technique surgery” – unique world class technique of joint replacement
  7. Navigation available
Surgeries done
  1. Hip, knee, shoulder replacement
  2. Revision hip, knee, shoulder replacement
  3. Hip replacement for hip fractures
  4. Complex joint replacement surgeries
  5. Re-revision surgeries
  6. Staged revision surgeries for infected joint replacement.
Facilities available
  1. Imported High-speed power tools for accurate surgeries
  2. Complete Synthes trauma instrument system for trauma management.
  3. Multi-axial imported C-Arm with image enhancement software for accurate fracture imaging.
Surgeries done
  1. Polytrauma- fractures of more than one bones with chest, abdominal or head injuries
  2. Fractures around joints 
  3. Complex and comminuted fractures 
  4. Compound open fractures (Fractures with a wound and exposed fracture bones)
  5. Pelvic acetabulum surgeries.
  6. Revision surgeries for failed fracture surgeries.

Operation Theatres