Unity hospital team aims to give people of Surat the very best in healthcare utilizing the latest technology and medical infrastructure at affordable costs. We endeavor to have the best team of doctors 24×7 who will serve patients with compassion and love. Giving patients time to explain their condition and attention to details of treatment are the most important principles of treatment at Unity multi-speciality hospital.

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Unity hospital in a short span of few years has become the first choice of citizens for all their healthcare needs.

Over the last few decades diseases have been found to progress in complexity. Deteriorating lifestyle has given rise to various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). It is not uncommon to find people with multiple health disorders. Such patients require multi-disciplinary approach where doctors from various specialities can co-operate with each other to bring out the best results in treatment.

Growing healthcare costs and corporatization of healthcare industry has meant that private hospital care has become very costly for normal middleclass patients of two-tier cities like Surat. 

The most prominent doctors of Surat sensed a major lacunae in affordable healthcare. They got together and thus was born “Unity trauma and ICU’ ; a multi-speciality hospital helmed by doctors. Completely set up and managed by doctors the aim of this hospital is to give holistic treatment to all patients under one roof at affordable prices. Compassion towards patients and helping people in need is at the core of this hospital management policies.

Along with housing all speciality and super-speciality doctors under one roof, Unity hospital also possesses the best in class equipment for management of patients. 

The most prominent among the facilities available to patients are 24×7 emergency care, 24×7 ambulance service, 24×7 pharmacy, a full-fledged Level 3 ICU with all the latest technology including CRRT machine and world class operating rooms for surgeries with infection rates that are less than 0.5%. NABH certification for Unity Multi-speciality hospital is also proof of best services provided in this tertiary care hospital.

Unity hospital in a short span of few years has become the first choice of citizens for all their healthcare needs. 

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